Bridges Assessment System

Our Bridges research team developed the Bridges Assessment System
(BAS) to provide a more effective way for clinicians and researchers
to monitor the outcomes and processes of mental health treatment.
The BAS includes: (1) the Clinically Adaptive Multidimensional
Outcome Scale (CAMOS), which assesses clients’ salient concerns in
five dimensions (i.e., psychological,relationship, spiritual,
physical health, therapy progress); and (2) the Therapist Session
Checklist (TSC), which enables therapists to quickly document
clinical issues and interventions relevant to treatment. The BAS also
includes a “real-time” reporting system so that therapists can have
immediate access to the process and outcome data to assist in
treatment. The BAS can easily be implemented in clinical settings
with a variety of devices, including computers, iPads, Kindles, and
smart phones. The BAS provides a low-cost, efficient, and flexible
way of helping researchers and practitioners enhance mental health
treatment. The BAS has the potential to revolutionize the assessment
of patient outcomes and treatment processes in the mental health field.