Introduction: Bringing Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapies into the Healthcare Mainstream

P. Scott Richards, PhD

Dr. Richards welcomes conference attendees and introduces them to the history and topic of the

Integrating Spirituality into Treatment: Lessons from 15 years of Inpatient Practice

Michael E. Berrett, PhD

Dr. Berrett describes how he has integrated spirituality in treating his own inpatient clients. His

Perspectives on Integrating Clinical Practice and Research

George Stavros, PhD

Presenting on his experiences at The Danielson Institute and Clinic at Boston University, Dr. Stavros

Integrating Spirituality into Graduate Training in Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Lisa Miller, PhD and Aurelie Athen

Drs. Miller and Athan explain how they have been able to integrate spirituality into graduate

Student Conversation Hour

A panel consisting of Drs. Nathaniel Wade, Aurelie Athan, Michael Berrett, Lisa Miller, Steven Sandage,

Spirituality in Psychotherapy Research

Brent D. Slife, PhD

Dr. Slife explains some foundational philosophical, theological, and methodological assumptions in psychotherapy research and relates

Technologies and Methodologies for Revolutionizing Research about spiritually integrated psychotherapies

P. Scott Richards, PhD, Timothy B. Smith, PhD

Dr. Richards explains how he believes spiritually oriented psychotherapy can be more widely accepted as...

Current research status and needed directions in research about spiritually integrated psychotherapies

Everett L. Worthington, PhD

Dr. Worthington suggests topics most relevant to the current state of spiritually oriented psychotherapy research