Carrie York Al-Karam gives keynote presentation on Islamic Psychology

December 20, 2019


The Department of Psychology at Effat University held its second International Conference on Frontiers in Mental Health last month. The conference aims to promote new research and therapeutic approaches in mental health, as well as facilitate collaboration among researchers across academic disciplines with specific focus on technology and big data.

Carrie York Al-Karam, a member of the Bridges project team, was the keynote speaker for the event. York Al-Karam is a faculty member in the Departments of Religious Studies and International Studies at the University of Iowa and Director of the Al-Karam Lab for Islamic Psychology. Her keynote lecture was on Islamic Psychology as well as the domain of spiritually integrated psychotherapy.

York Al-Karam also presented specifically on the Bridges project as a whole. The Bridges project tied in beautifully with the conference’s theme of “big data” and “new interventions”. You can read more about the event here: